Is my system good enough?

I am thinking of buying a NEC ND-3500 + Nero 6 but os is Windows Me, I have been told I will need XP or 2000 to run this DVD. Is this correct?

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First of all- Welcome to the CD Freaks forums! You have come to the right place, but unfortunatly not the best area to pose such a question.

That’s a nice drive you decided to buy and you must have done some research. I think that Nero 6 is definately supported in Windows Me and so is that NEC drive. But, If I were you and could afford it, plus wanted to go to the trouble, I would upgrade to XP pro. :cool:

In the meantime, Here is a tip, you can always use our search function to look for such information as it has probably been answered already. Also, why not visit our Recording Software Forum which has a Nero section and ask this question if your search does not satisfy you. We have experts there that can give you some great feedback!

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Upgrade of your Windows is not necessary to use the programs you mentioned. But from a stability perspective, it may be worth it to upgrade (Windows2000 and XP are so much more stable than Windows ME), but not a requirement.

It would also depend on what type of system you have. Is it a P4 or AMD , how much RAM & how big is the HD.

I cannot say whether or not your system is good enough to support the NEC ND-3500A as no specs were posted.

The ND3500A supports Windows 98SE, 2000, Me and XP. Windows NT 4.0 is also supported if the video editing function is not required.

Usually the requirements for a DVD-RW does not vary much from manufacturer to manufacturer. Posted below are the recommended requirements for a Lite-On…

Pentium III 450 MHz or faster CPU, 128MB or higher RAM are Required
650 HDD available capacity; and 5GB free space for creating DVD image file

Operating systems such as Windows 98/ME has a 4GB file size limitation as they utilize the FAT32 file system while the NTFS file system often used for Windows 2000/XP does not have those limitations. Some files created by some DVD software programs will exceed that 4GB file size limit. Some software will offer you the option of splitting the file sizes into chunks smaller than 4GB.

Hi, I am a newbie. I have a Windows 98 computer Pentium III 800Mhz. I have Nero 6 Ultra, a Pioneer 108 DVD Burner, DVD Shrink, DVDx and lots of other programs that seem to work fine. Unless you really want to go with XP then it should all work with ME

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The only “issues” you would have on an old computer is that you may be limited to lets say 4X since your HDD can’t keep up (Yes, this sounds odd indeed but some P3/P2 computers have deadly slow HDDs) and that Nero swaps out a lot which means unnecessary buffer underruns. The prevent second one you can limit Nero’s cache to lets say 8Mbyte (which should be fine in you have 128Mb RAM).