Is My System Folders Messed Up? No Boot

sorry this is so long, but its the only way to describe my problem correctly. yesterdat i tried to fit an old 2.1gb ata(we’ll call it c) hard drive as back up to my 250gb sata hdd(we’ll call it f)just to store my installers etc. anyway, when i tried to boot up it tried to boot windows98© instead of windowsxp(f). i recieved an error message: can’t find device file, etc. file c:progra~1
orton~1\savrt.vxd. so i removed the c drive & tried to boot normally using f. it wouldnt boot, it would almost get to the login screen, but cuts back to the p.o.s.t screen. i tried last known good configuration,start windows normally, & safe mode. when i tried safe mode, it loads in some drivers, then i get a BLUE SCREEN, that says: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT LESS OR EQUAL & something about if youve installed hardware or software, please remove & try again. i took out the graphics card & tried again, BLUE SCREEN. i ended putting windows onto the c drive & eventually bios recognized them. i boot xp from c & if i double click the c drive in my computer,minimize it, then do the same with f, i can open both windows & compare all files & folders. i made sure all the drivers, driver cache & system32 files on c were the same as on f(it took about 10 hours to do all files & folders). some files were missing from the f drive(in drivercache, they were system files & nt kernal & system files). there were 2 cabinet files in driver cache on each hdd, but the c drive had the system files & nt kernal & system files that were missing from f. since c was a fresh install, i assumed the missing files, were what caused the f drive to fail. so i dragged & dropped the missing files from c to f(in correct folders etc).some files that are present on the f drive are spelled differently to the ones on c. the ones on f are spelled in capital letters while the files on c are small letters. is this why the f drive isnt booting? is it because windows doesnt recognize them? ill post the list of files that are spelled incorrectly in a minute or two, ill let whoever reads this get a wee breather…lol

here are the list of wrongly spelled files & where they are found: CEWMDM.dll - \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ LAPRXY.dll - " " MP4SDMOD.dll - " " MP43DMOD.dll " " MPG4DMOD.dll " " MSPMSP.dll " " MSPMSNSV.dll " " MSWMDM.dll " " WMADMOD.dll " " WMADMODE.dll " " WMASF.dll " " WMDMLOG.dll " " WMDMPS.dll " " WMNetMgr.DLL " " WMSPDMOD.dll " " WMSPDMOE.dll " " if these are wrong, can i delete them & drag & drop the correct ones from c to f?? also there are more files & folders in the winsxs folder on f than there is on c. could this be a problem? *NOTE. before i tried to install the c drive, i had the graphics card(ATI RADEON 9800XT) in the pc for about 2 hours, & i also downloaded the drivers for the card,net framework2.0(even though i had it already) & the catalyst control centre. it cant be the card, so it must be the c drive or the ati drivers… after installing drivers, etc i was prompted to reboot, so i shut down the pc & fitted the hard drive…thats when the trouble began. i have so far deleted all ati related files from the f drive(JUST IN CASE). also, in system32\catroot, there is only 1 OEM file on the 2.1gb©, but there are 24 in the 250gb(f)(numbered from OEM0 TO OEM24). does anyone know what the problem is?? i havent tried booting the 250 since i got the 2.1 to boot(saturday night) as im afraid it wont go back on… I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE SOME HELP…THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS & HOPEFULLY A SOLUTION. here are my specs in case they are needed: amd athlon 64 3000+ 2.0ghz, asrock k8upgrade vm800 socket753, elixir 256mb ddr400 pc3200 184 pin ram(temporary), ati radeon 256mb 9800xt agp, samsung sp2504c 250gb sata, western digital caviar 12100 2.1gb ata… THANK YOU

Windows and its components must be installed. Drag and drop will not work.

I’m assuming you have a dvd or cd burner. You will need it or another hard drive. First back up all your personal files onto the dvd/cd/hard drive. When complete, go to control panel>performance and maintenance>administrative tools>computer management. Go to storage on the left and then click disk management. Right click the hard drive you can’t boot with and select format. When it is finished, remove the 2 gb hard drive from your computer (temporary). Insert your Windows installation disc into your cd/dvd reader/writer and reinstall Windows on a freshly formatted HD. Reinstall the 2gb.

When you boot up with the 250gb, go into your bios and change your boot priority order to ensure that it is the first hard drive to try to boot from.

I know you were probably hoping to avoid doing this, but if you can’t repair it from the Windows disc then this is your only option if you want to boot from that drive.

If this works, which it should, then follow the same procedure to reformat the 2 gb to use it as you originally planned.

You can try and repair it! Boot from your XP CD and go into the command prompt and type in [B] sfc /scannow [/B] it will check all your system files and if any are missing or corrupt it will repair it.

ok, id rather try what you said first, before i have to format. i was told to try the repair console, & type in FIXMBR & then FIXBOOT. i tried this & it wrote a new boot sector, but still wont boot. is that because of a incorrectly installed driver?? thanks

how do i back up installers from the 250 to dvd-r or dvd+r?? can i just drag & drop them to my desktop?? if so, where would i find the installers?? i made a new folder, called it installs, but cant seem to find it… ill try what coathi said first, but if it doesnt work, ill have to do what you said… thanks

Have you tried “search”?