IS MY SONY DRU500a defective?

I have tried burning VERBATIM DVD+r media (4x) and always seem to get verify errors especially towards the ‘end’.

I use the same procedure to burn TDK dvd+r at 2.4 X and get no errors.

Could my drive be at fault ?

I have the latest firmware (20e) and software updates (nero).

It’s possible you may have gotten a hold of some media from Verbatim that was
defective,and does not work with your Sony writer. I got some when I first got my writer,and burned nothing but coasters. Seek out another brand of 4x media. Mine works withe Ritek brand that
can be found at I don’t know if they ship to the West Indies,but take a look at the site,you might get lucky. Good Luck from a fellow Trini…:bow: