Is my set up correct for burning?

Just replaced my burner and want to make sure all the settings are up to spec for burning.

BenQ 1620 Pro B7T9 Secondary Master UDMA Mode 2
Maxtor 40GB Secondary Slave UDMA Mode 5
Maxtor 200GB Primary Master UDMA Mode 5
Athlon 900Mhz (Will upgrade Mobo and CPU soon)
Aspi layer 4.60 installed.
All programs running in background disabled during burning.
DVD Shrink and DVDDecryptor with Burn-proof enabled.
WOPC Enabled
DVD+R TY 02 and MCC 03 Media for burning with booktype set @ DVD-ROM.
Defrag all drives before burning.

Does the drive which the ISO is being burned make a difference? Currently I place them on my Primary master drive. Should I change this to the Secondary Slave which is on the same cable as the Burner to improve performance?

For what I have I want to make sure the conditions are optimal for burning.

It seems to me a good config.

If possible prefer to place data and burner on different channels, to improve performance.

Put your Maxtor 40GB in Primary Slave.
It’s not good to share Optical and HD Drives in the same IDE channel. You might also want to consider the 40gigs as your boot drive + OS/programs, and the 200gigs as your data.

Put your boot drive as primary Master. Put your data (movies) and stuff on your primary slave and format it to NTFS if running win XP (handles large files better). Put your 1620 as secondary master. Things work smoother that way. ( most of the time) There are other configerations that will make things even better if you know what you are doing. The above setup will work pretty good though.

Cool. I’ll make my Secondary slave the primary slave. When I get a new mobo/CPU I’ll reformat both drives and make the 40GB the primary master boot drive and the 200GB the primary slave for data. Both drives are already NTFS format.

That ought to work. :bigsmile: