Is my recorded VIDEO protected?

i recorded a video using my TV TUNER CARD, the video is in mepg format, now i want to upload it to a site to share it with my classmate, and of course, let them download it as well, however, i’m worried that they might not be able to see it on THEIR computer, since i remember music i rip from my cd cannot be play on any other computers besides my own, will the same apply for this video? which i legally and rightfully recorded with my very own tv tuner card? can my classmates see it on their pc if i give the video to them?

i use windows media player 9, and i my internet connection is active, i have a good pc with a sino tv tuner card, hope this info helps.

thanks a million for the help.

The video isn’t copy protected in the sense that you need to decrypt the video files (I’m guessing here since you weren’t specific about “the video”), but it is copyRIGHT protected. I highly doubt that you have any rights to record and disseminate something that you don’t own. I’m no lawyer, but to be clear legally, I would think that you’d have to obtain the owner’s permission. Just because you recorded it, doesn’t confer ownership to you…see what I mean?

So, can you? probably yes, but can you legally? probably not.

i understand your point, but i’m not talking about copyright, i’m talking about if wmp9 add a protection to the file so that it can’t be view in someone else’s pc exepct your own.

i understand that anything i recorded using a tv tuner card is copyrighted, even if that’s me on tv, because i didn’t produced or own it.this i also understand.

boy, i’m GLAD that noone here thinks i stole or pirate something, HUH?

Well, first off, I made no accusations. I simply tried to make you aware of potential legal issues and answer your question as best I could, given your vague description,

Perhaps next time, it would be helpful to be a little less vague, HUH?
You’re most welcome.

Last night I watched a TV show where lawyers were producing some comments about legal actions over here, and one of the issues were related to TV shows that are being broadcasted in the US and uploaded to the net without being yet distributed in Europe.
I’m not in a position to say if they are wright or not, but this was pointed out as an illegal action.
So, depending on your local rules and authorities behaviour you should take maineman advice into consideration to your decision about making the files available.