Is my recorded VIDEO protected?

i recorded a video using my TV TUNER CARD, the video is in mepg format, now i want to upload it to a site to share it with my classmate, and of course, let them download it as well, however, i’m worried that they might not be able to see it on THEIR computer, since i remember music i rip from my cd cannot be play on any other computers besides my own, will the same apply for this video? which i legally and rightfully recorded with my very own tv tuner card? can my classmates see it on their pc if i give the video to them?

i use windows media player 9, and i my internet connection is active, i have a good pc with a sino tv tuner card, hope this info helps.

thanks a million for the help.

Since it’s in MPEG format then no it is not copy protected and you can send it to anyone you want and they will be able to see it. Only windows media files (wmv and wma) and another format used in iTunes are capable of copy protection.

My guess is the reason your music is copy protected is because you are using Window Media Player to rip you CDs and the “Copy protect music” option is on by default. This can be disabled in the options under the “Copy Music” tab. After you disable this option the files you get from ripping your audio CDs will not be copy protected and can be shared with anyone.