Is my PX-708A dead?

Symptoms: No longer recognizes CDs, CD-Rs, or DVD+Rs (blank, pre-recorded, or otherwise). Drive just spins and spins trying to identify the disc. Orange light continues blinking (never goes green). Disc is never identified. Drive also makes a gentle clicking noise when first trying to ID the disc that I’ve never heard before.

I get two amber blinks each time - which according to the FAQ is “Auto adjustment failed”. Not a good sign.

Nothing in the hardware config of my PC has changed in many months. The cheapo Samsung DVD-ROM drive I have (on the same IDE controller) identifies CDs just fine.

Troubleshooting attempts: Powered PC on and off. Upgraded to latest firmware. No change in status.

Are there any self-diagnostic tools I could try? PlexTools 2.23 doesn’t think anything is wrong with the drive… but of course since I can’t even identify a CD/DVD with it, no real tests seem to work.

Is my Plextor dead? :sad:


You need to do a self diagnostic test were you unconnect it from your motherboard. Search on this forum and to find out how to do it.

And yes, it sounds like its dead.

In the 708A manual it will tell you how to do the SELF DIAGNOSTIC TEST.