Is my Plextor buggered?

Plextor 16/10/40 IDE
Last thing i did b4 going to bed other night, was imaging of Hitman CD as i was messing about with SD2 but didnt get round to actually burning the image. Next morning, try to burn it, and my CDRW isn’t responding to CloneCD and CloneCD is constantly waiting for me to insert media (which i had). My plextor however was seemingly not trying to read the CD. The Drive only has one LED, its usually amber however its now turning to a much darker orange and flashing twice, off for a few secs, and then repeating this process, when i have a CD in. At first i thought the drive was trying to read the CD, but with no activity or vibration noticeable, im now wondering if my drive trying to report some sort of error??
In windows 2000 when i try to access different Cds, Data CDs report the “The request could not be performed because of an I/O error” whilst Audio CDs prompt be to insert a CD… Tried this in Win98 too and im told the “device is not ready”

Any experience with this problem. Does anyone know what the flashing orange LED means? cant find anything of help in the manual… thanx lots :slight_smile:

just incase u were gonna suggest it, ive just updated the firmware to 103 and also checked the IDE cables, all seems to be dandy apart from the fact that it’s all gone wrong :confused:

A couple of years ago I had the same thing with my plextor 8/2/20

the last thing I did was reading a disk that was protected with safedisk(clonecd didn’t excist yet), it took me 97houres to read the disk.
after that the writer didn’t work anymore, one of the lights was canstantly flickering and it couldn’t read any cd’s anymore.

I mailed the helpdesk of plextor and they said that it was broken.
I had to return it and I got an other one.(thankgod for garantie)

I suggest you contact the helpdesk from plextor, maybe you have the same problem like I did?