Is my pc too slow for dvr-108?

I’m thinking of getting a dvd burner but I have a very old computer… P3 500 256mb 40 gigs. Will I have problems with the dvr-108? Should I get a different model? If so, any recommendations? Thanks.

This from the PIONEER website

General System Requirements:
Windows 2000/XP*, 800MHz Pentium III or faster, 256MB RAM,
20GB hard disk, 24-bit colour graphics display (1024 x 768 resolution)

For real time editing a Pentium 4, 1.8GHz or higher system with Windows XP is recommended,
512MB RAM, 40GB hard disk, 24-bit colour graphics display (1024x768 resolution).

So going by that I would say no it is not powerful enough.

edit: I have a Lite-On ldw-411S that I use in a P3 550E with 40gig HD and 512MB ram and that works ok, it is very slow at ripping but has no problems burning @ 4x, so if you get a 108 and have problems at high speed with buffer under run and the like try burning at a lower speed it may work ok.

I concur - I do not think your PC specs will be sufficient. I have a Celeron 1A @ 1.35GHz, 384MB RAM and just got a DVR-108 - burning at 4x the HDD keeps thrashing and the PC is unuseable.

Suggest you upgrade to at least 512MB RAM and hopefully your mobo supports the 80-pin ATA66 or greater IDE cables.

I think your computer is marginal for DVD burning. Definitely will need more ram. A faster processor will be needed to do DVD Shrink work.

If I had more time, I’d enjoy testing if my NEC 3500A would work on my rig, if I underclock it at 500 MHz, use 256 RAM with the slowest settings and the hard drive with the cache off, to make it about as slow as yours. But I don’t have time to do this.

As a personal estimate I expect that it will, but I don’t think that 16x burning speed would be practically possible. The thing I’m mostly worried about is a very weak or of poor quality power supplier. I remember when I added a CD-RW to my K6-2 at 550 MHz, that had a crappy 200W power supplier, it did not work OK, until I changed that.

my p3-733 with 512 ram is enough. i usually burn at 6x because it’s all done with 1 speed zone (so the disc comes out all 1 shade).

one thing though - you’ll have to defrag pretty often, and try to keep as much free space as possible. the amount of times it’s slowed down because i’ve clicked something in the background, then i watch in dispair as the hard disk chuggers loudly and the buffer goes down to nothing…

if you don’t mind a coaster or two, try burn at 16x on capable media and see what happens. i’d be interested in seeing just how slow a machine we can get away with… you’ll need to tweak up your system as well to get a maximum of available ram. there’s sites that show you how to streamline windows for this purpose.

oh, and use an 80-wire cable, simply because the drive will get along better with your computer if you use one.

Hi, I used to have my Pioneer 108 in my old Pentium 3 800 computer. It worked fine but would only write up to 4x. I defragmented my computer once every 3 weeks and it all worked fine.

You won’t get anything more than 4x without very poor quality burns. I have a DVR108 in a dual p3-800/1GB RAM with 80-pin cables. It performs OK, I can burn 8x but I leave the system alone while burns happen.

I can use my Pio107 and 108 at 8x on a Dual P3 550 and Dual P3 600 without problems… Both are equipped with the max possible RAM which is only 1Gig.