Is my pc too hot?>>>>>>>>>>

-when my motherboard reaches 60 degrees, is that too hot?

-when my pentium 4 cpu reaches 60 degress, is it too hot?

-when my nvidia geforce 6600 pcie reaches 50 degrees, is that hot?

-if my cpu and motherboard gets too hot, is there some kind of measures that cools down my pc? or does it just blows up when it’s hot enough?

please help me with all my questions, thank you

I would say …
2) No. But it is high.
3) No.
4)Yes ->More fans or a better designed case, A/C for the room, better heatsink compound on your CPU, and better CPU heatsink.
However, your motherboard (hence inside of the case) is too hot, hence the heat in your CPU is not dissipating well, since the ambient temperature in the case is too high.

Of course, it all depends on the accuracy of your motherboard monitor, which have been known to be about as accurate as a scud missile :stuck_out_tongue:

This really depends on what type of P4 you are running. If it’s a Prescot CPU then this is pretty much the norm for those cpu’s. You can use more case cooling fans to get the temps down a bit and a better CPU cooler. Bios’s have a thermal setting where you can set the maximum temp before it warns you and newer CPU’s use a throttle back feature, when the CPU reaches a certain temprature it will throttle back to 50% to keep the temps down. Basically it sounds like you could use some more cooling but overall I don’t think this is too hot.:wink:
EDIT: Debro beat me to it but I am leaving it here anyways.:stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for helping, sorry i have no idea if my pentium 4 is a prescot or not, bit i did purchase it this year, model is:

x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1GenuineIntel ~2666 Mhz

i know cpu-z can tell me alot about my pc, but i heard that if i don’t use it correctly i might accidently overclock my pc, destorying it, similer to the nvidia drivers which lets you overclock your video card via slider.

is there any other way i could check my cpu to see if it’s a prescot?

Cpu-z will cause no harm to your PC unless it is malware. No adjustments can be made with it.

It should tell you on the CPU screen exactly what processor it is under “code name.”

@coolaid. I beleive you are thinking about Clock Gen which is on the same page but has a different function than CPU-Z or PC-Wizard: :slight_smile:

is there some kind of “fail-safe” on my motherboard or my cpu should my pc gets too hot? or is it going to fry when it gets too hot?

The P4 has a built-in thermal monitoring/throttling circuit that will reduce usage by 50% when it reaches excessively high temperatures…
Don’t worry and just enjoy your computer…

I use this simple techique and it works, just rotate the cabinet so that all the connectors at the back come on the top, Hot air escapes so quick that you can feel it by keeping your hand near openings