Is my new Plextor PX-716A faulty?

It came with Firmware 1.04, first few discs I put in played fine, but then one would not play, it would not recognize the disc at all, it could not see it, it’s a original disc of the movie Spiderman 2 bought from a shop, disc is in good condition and plays perfectly in my other DVD drives. Tried reloading disc, and cleaning it, did it 3 times, on the 4th it read it played it fine, but after a few more goes again it would not read it. At this point I thought I might as well upgrade the firmware to 1.06.

Amazingly it plays the Spiderman 2 disc perfectly now since the firmware upgrade? I was rather surprised, was V1.04 really that bad? :confused:

But then I started some other tests, 2 films that where copied by a NEC2500 on Ritek media, they both failed DVD Analysis in DVD Shrink, I forgot the error message, after about 4-5 fails, it now reads them perfectly? Don’t know whats going on here, again the discs where read 1st time in my 3year old Toshiba 1712. Perhaps DVD Shrink is remembering the data, and not fully testing my 716A now?

Another issue is Nero CD-DVD Speed, (nero V tried same 2 films in there, (they are both unprotected no region discs, which have been copied from DVD Shrink) it fails it with the error “L-EC Uncorrectable error (031105)” again both disks read fine in my Toshiba.

I’ve done 2 burns so far, a CD-RW, and a DVD-R both are fine, no probs, so all my probs seem to be with reading, although my errors do not seem conclusive that I have a problem, but I’ve read a few posts on here about people having read probs with the 716A, I’m thinking should I return the drive, I’ve only had it a week, and my reseller is good, they will replace it for a new drive. :confused:

HI neojapsz. Welome to CD Freaks. :slight_smile: First off I am going to Point you to the Plextor FAQ’s here: and then throw a couple of questions your way. Is your Plextor in UDMA 4 in Windows Device Manager, ATA/ATAPI Controllers? Looks like you need to update your Nero as the new version is . If you can get a disc to read please post a Read transfer rate test of the disc that you are having trouble with. Plextools or Nero CD-DVD speed will work for that. There is also a newer version of CD-DVD Speed available 380, Do a search on the forum and you should find it. Computer info is always a Plus :slight_smile:

as crossg provided you with the link to the FAQ…you could also try the self-diagnostics test with the piece of media that came with the drive.

The drive comes with media…?

I got a full-retail one and all I got was the software DVD, a cable and screws, and the faceplates!

To me it does sound like a drive problem 'tho; My experiences with the drive’s build-quality have not impressed me, although when you get a good one, it is good :smiley:

yeah, both mine came with a single 16X DVD+R. my TLA 0101 came with a regular jewel cased Plextor branded YUDEN000 T02 disc and my TLA 0202 came with a slim jewel cased Verbatim branded MCC004 disc.