Is my new NEC ND-2500A a dud?



i just got the new NEC 8x however, when i burn in nero 6 which came with it… tha max speed is only 4… oh… i only used a 4x media… is that the prob…? with a 8x media will nero give me a 8x max?

and also… what is the best media for NECs? + or -



Some 4x media will burn in the 2500A at 8x, but not all. My 4x Ritek discs burn at 4x just fine, on par with what I expected. 8x media is hard to come by and expensive; I’d save your money and stick with 4x.

As for disc type, I’m using DVD-R discs. Haven’t used +R’s, so I can’t tell you if there’s a real benefit. I got the -R’s because they were a bit cheaper, and rumored to be slightly more compatible on older DVD players.


DVD+R, Rocoh JPNR-01 burns at 6x
DVD-R, TY 4x burns at 8x, and MCC 4x burns at 8x.




TYG01 -R 4x -> 8x
YUDEN000T01 +R 4x -> 8x
MCC 01RG20 -R 4x -> 8x
RICOHJPNR01 +R 4x -> 6x
RICOHJPNR02 +R - still not completly sure
RITEK R03 +R 8x -> 4x - wait for FW update