Is my new DW1655 a dud? I can't get it to work at all!

I just got it yesterday from It came in the OEM package. Everytime I try to burn anything, be it DVD+R or CD-R, it hangs up on the “Writing Lead-In” at the very beginning and writes NOTHING! So far I have used DVD Decrypter and NERO to burn. Both programs do the same thing. Any advice before i send this thing back? Could it be a firmware issue?


Check the back of your drive and make sure you have the master, slave setting right. Then check for bent pins on the back of the drive where you connect the ide cable. Make sure all fittings are snug to the mother board at the end of the ide cable or ribbon.

Also uninstall any IDE drivers you have, they have been known to cause all sorts of problems with writers.

I checked all that. Still the same. Is there any FW updates from the BCAB which I have? If not, is there a way that I could reinstall the BCAB firmware?

Are you using 80pin IDE cable?

If still you have the same problem consider the drive is defective and has to be RMAed.

Does it have to be an 80 pin cable? I’m not sure if it’s 40 or 80, but I have the Shuttle XPC computer, and am using the cable that is provided.

No. It should work with a 40. An 80 is better, but not required.

Check in device manager under IDE/ATapi and make sure the drive is running in dma mode 2 and that your hd’s are running in there proper mode.

You can also use Nero Infotool if your not familiar with device manager.

Report back to us.