Is my new 4167b stuffed?

Ok, I had a LG GSA-4160 and I think it was starting to show it’s age. The vast majority of discs I burnt with this burner incl, TYG01’s, TYG02’s, 4x and 8x Verbs, Maxells, Riteks, LG etc burnt ok and played back great in my two stand alone players. Some of the discs I was burning for friends would skip in their stand alones though. It was also finding it more difficult to recognise dvd-roms when I put them in. Maybe every 4th disc would not load or recognise.
So I thought time to upgrade.
I bought an LG GSA-4167b and installed it with the latest firmware, DL12. Now some of the discs that I have burnt, namely TYG01’s and some 8x Verbs have been showing some playback issues such as skipping and freezing a bit.
I have put these discs through dvd-speed and all of them show nice curves with no drop offs.
I haven’t burnt any yet for friends so I don’t know if they work fine on other players.
So is my new burner faulty or not? What should I do about it?

Maybe you should try to burn them at slower speeds.

If that fails, something might be wrong with the drive itself.


When you changed burners - did you uninstall the drivers for the secondary IDE channel in your Control Panel ‘System’ section - and let xp reinstall a fresh driver upon reboot?

If not you should-


Many people (including bigmike7) have reported problems with TYG01 and the 4167 DL12 in the following threads :
So it seems best to avoid using them with the 4167B.
What’s the mid for your 8X Verbatim?

Hi Factfinder, the Verb code is MCC02RG20. Man I hope they wont be having too many problems with TYG01’s cos I have about 350 of them left. Maybe it’s time for some more firmware revisions. What are the older firmwares like compared to DL12?
Hi Bigmike 7, man that went straight over my head. Not real computer smart. What should I do in basic words? Thx

In post #16 of bigmike7’s thread, galaster mentioned fw DL10 works ok with the TYG01. But I have already updated my 4167 to DL12 and don’t know where to get the DL10 as it is not listed in LG’s web site nor in the rpc1 site.
The MCC02RG20 didn’t burn too well with my 4167 either, but I have no problems with playback in my DVD player. Maybe it’s just a media batch problem. Have you read this thread on MCC media:
OTOH, MCC03RG20 works quite well with my 4167.

I don’t think you can get DL10 anywhere. DL10 was what came with first generation 4167Bs by default. LG in general doesn’t ever post the earliest version of their firmware for download. I have also never heard of any software that can be used to extract firmware from an LG writer. So even if you can find someone with a 4167B with the original DL10 on it, there doesn’t seem to be a way to extract it :frowning:

As a last resort, you can always resort to using MCSE to do write strategy swopping for those TYG01 discs. However, unless you have another drive that does quality scans, it is very hard to tell if burn quality is better or worse.

I swapped my drive over for a new one, updated to DL12 firmware again but this burner seems to be heaps better with TYG01’s. Burn 5 no probs.

Thanks for your input. I will give it a try with MCSE later on.

Did you try playback in DVD players other than your 4167? How are your MCC02RG20 doing with the new burner?

Yeah the playback was pretty bad with my first 4167 in both my sony and my cheap chinese one. I haven’t had any discs playback like this with my old 4160. So I have watched 5 movies burnt with the new 4167 and they are great. I also noticed with the bad TYG01’s from the first burner you could reall y hear the lazer working overtime in the sony. Really choppy fast forward as well. It’s really quiet now and fast forwars really smooth.
I will watch a movie on a verb tomorrow and let you know.