Is my NEC2500 faulty or is this normal? Bad Reads

After searching i see many people regard the nec to be a bad dvd reader, but it fails to read this disc 100% wheras my old pioneer 105 can read it fine!

I just burned a disc at 8x on a datawrite grey 8x disc It burned successfully with no error messages, but if i run Nero CD-DVD speed and start the test, the NEC drive only gets to 1.5gig then gives the error “Parameter value invalid”

The test runs fine on the pioneer which wont even burn 4x discs any more

Is this normal? Bad burn but pioneer has better error correction?

Im using herries 1.07 v2beta5 firmware, i’ll reflash to original and test again but get the feeling it wont make a difference


yeah nec nd2500a is a good writer but a worse reader…

Exactly what I experience with a few discs. (I have 2500A and Pioneer 105 drives.)

On the other hand, 105 tries to read it more conservatively, that could be the hidden key of its success. I mean you can see the graph, it tried 6x CAV.

Trying a disc at a higher speed, than lowering it when fails, sounds like a good approach. But I realized that some unreadable discs (at 12x CAV or whatever) at my 166s become readable when I force the speed to 4x CAV or even 2x CLV using “CD Bremse”. Of course the discs are by definition “BAD” but it’s good to have an emergency exit. Unfortunately, “CD Bremse” can’t lock the speed of 2500A so I can’t test if it reads a “BAD” disc better at lower speed-lock. Probably it helps.

Does anyone have a tool that can lock the read speed of 2500A?

I think Nero have a tool for that no ?
It start at the same time windows does…
Or maybe you could ask DB or Herrie to make a special “rip-lock-everything” firmware :wink:

OK. Nero DriveSpeed is able to lock reading speed of 2500A.
So… I tested it and found that a disc unreadable at the normal (8x CAV) speed became readable at 4x CLV reading.

This probably means a lot, especially for those who has 2500A as the only reader. In this forum we saw many people hesitate buying 2500A just because of the fear of reading failure.

Thanks for that tip.

Is it possible to limit the read speed with firmware to 4xCLV at all times?

Proper read ability is really important for me.

This is important for me, because the drive will be used in a non-windows environment (hence no ability to use Drive speed, cd bremse or other similar utilities).

Of course it is possible, but you would have to develop a custom firmware with this limitation implemented.
Locking the readspeed of this drive to a lower speed would not be a very popular firmware mod.
My 2500A drive reads very well with most discs and has even been able to read some discs that my LiteOn 411S was unable to read…