Is my NEC ND-1100A broken? (Bad burning results)


I have a NEC ND-1100A burner since a few weeks, and everytime i burn a DVD+R or +RW and read that disc afterwards in either my liteon or LG DVD Rom drive, I get massive spindowns when reading the disc, especially in the outer areas of the disc. I have tried with very good brand DVDs like Verbatim 4x, Ricoh etc., but the result in Nero CD Speed looks like this:

this image is from a Ricoh 2.4x DVD+R, burnt with the NEC and read with the Liteon 166s, but even Verbatims don’t look much better.

my K-Probe results look like this:

Below is the result of a Verbatim 4x DVD+R:

Now, what do you think, is this normal, or is my device just defective, and I should get another writer from NEC?

Please tell me if you have similar experience.

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What firmware does the drive have e.g. 1.9 or 1.A0

Also on the drives FCC ID label does it say GEF or GNX ?

I forgot to mention, it’s one of the “good ones”, FW 1.A0, produced in March 2003.



I have the same ‘problem’

I think its just that the dvd +r / +rw is to new for perfect readback in normal drives.

I think its mostly the fault of the reader and not the writer. (Not said that the liteon is bad or low qual. or something, some drives don’t even read +r / +rw media at all)