Is my NEC defective?

Ok, I have a NEC ND3550 and it seems to to do a crappy job of doing everything. It sucks at ripping (it slows down and won’t rip half the time), it doesn’t burn media at 16x speed on 16x Verbatim’s, it doesn’t seem to read CD’s or DVD’s very good, sometimes it will slow down and won’t speed up again… Can someone tell me if this is normal or should I return the piece of crap? I have the latest firmware for it BTW. I’ve owned this drive for about a month now and was wondering if I’d be able to get a refund for it. If anybody here can recommend a better drive for me (preferably a plextor) let me know what to get. Thanks.

Please do NOT keep creating new threads for asking essentially the same question as you’ve already asked in other threads. Instead, please use one of the existing threads you’ve already created.

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