Is my NEC 4551A damaged?



I bought a NEC 4551A ~1 year ago and always burned no-name 8x DVD+R’s without problems. Some months ago I switched to higher quality media, some Verbatim 16x DVD-R. Now the first problem: the drive burnt only with ~8x. The drive supports 16x and the DVD-R’s too.
I wondered if it’s the only issue and started bothering around with Nero DiscSpeed. I never used it before so don’t kill me if I did sth wrong :p, but it seems like that NEC gives really bad results as from what I’ve heard that TYG03 DVD-R’s are good media.


8x burn:

Disc quality:

Disc scan:

Sorry for the german language :bow:

I had other media code Verbatim DVD-R’s before (can’t remember which though) and also some no-name DVD-R’s which had the 8x issue too.
I also had different firmwares. First original 1-85, then Dee’s 1-X3 and and now Liggy’s 1-09.

I hope you guys can help me if I did sth wrong or if the burner is really broken.


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Due to the way this NEC model unreliably scans DVDs, the last 2 graphs probably aren’t very valid. [If the graphs were true, it would have the greatest issue reading the disc at the outer edge, which isn’t shown].

As for the benchmark, try this version of CD-DVD Speed:

And post the results from that. :slight_smile:


Thx for helping.

Now the problem seems to be the end, not the middle.

Also, I’ve seen a lot of benchmarks here and in the most of them the lines aren’t jumping that randomly.


That DOES match the scans. :eek:

Do you have any way to write a disc on another drive with known good write quality to see if the NEC can read it? Or maybe a way to take a disc written on the NEC and see if a different drive has trouble reading it? That would let us know if there is something wrong with the 4551’s write quality, or it just can’t read discs well. :wink:

Now, I wonder why it is your drive can only support 8x on these good 16x media. It could be your drive is less-than-stellar, for whatever reason, but the drive should at least offer 16x on TYG03.


No, I don’t have another drive…
I only have a DVD-Player and it has no trouble reading the discs. Also, I never had problems on the end of DVDs with this NEC.
Are the values that bad that the discs shouldn’t be even readable?


Well, then, I wouldn’t worry TOO much as long as you can get the data off of the discs and play them back just fine. Those aren’t the greatest graphs, but they’ll pass. Like I said, the NEC might see discs worse than other drives would, and they can still be read.

If a disc ever completely fails to be read by the NEC, then you should begin to get worried. Otherwise, you should be okay. :slight_smile:


Yes, they are readable, but I want to backup some files and they should be readable after some years.

Also, even if that graphs are completely wrong, the 8x problem still remains.


Well, it might really be true and your drive may be dying… I have experienced something similar on good quality media, where I was sure of their quality. It started after almost 2 years, a countless number of DVDs had been burned with it.

I did not worry about it for long and replaced it with an Optiarc 7203A, a miraculous burner!

But I have never had good experience with TY03 (or whatever their code may be) from Verbatim, they have always turned out to be so bad that even their TRTs weren’t smooth!

But remember that the TRT is the ultimate test, so I would be worried about the heath state of the drive, regardless of the other things! If the media is O.K. (which I doubt), then the drive is bad. The TRT must be smooth, or else something is wrong!