Is My Nec 3500 Dead

Yesterday i mangaged to burn 2 dvds in the morning and when i got in from work the drive just ticks when a disc is inserted and shows up as no disc in my computer and in nero.

I have tried different firmware and different media but nothing seems to work and tried unistalling and reinstalling but still nothing.

Is this drive dead or is there a easy fix i am just not thinking off

2 X 512 XMS PC3200 CAS 2
2 X 256 XMS PC3200 CAS 2
ATI X800 PRO VIVO flashed to XTPE
2 x 37.4 WD RAPTOR RAID 0
2x TT 120mm FAN
1x 90mm TT Side Fan
TT Tsunami Case
480w Tagan PSU

Does it read other discs, than those, which you have burned in the morning?

Nah it dont read any disc’s at all not even cd’s, I cant flash with original firmware either now and am using 2.TG and everything was fine.

Ive also a few failed burns recently but i think was down to my raid

This is the error i get when trying to flash, havent tried any other flash program…

From the sound of things it’s Not looking very good! First thing I would do is try another IDE cable! I had a few cables suddenly go bad for no apparent reason. Then try it in another PC !

i have another hd on the same ide as the dvd drive and havent seen any problems with it.

Use Binflash w32 GUI version.

Thanks mate but i could flash it with orig firmware but still the drive doesnt work and i also disconnected the ide cable and left the molex in and it still ticks about 10 times then the drive stops spinning

I think its deffently dead!!!

Anyone know if the nec 4550 is any good

Reflashing cannot resolve hardware trouble.

NEC is very reliable drive I am sure your drive is still under normal one year manufacturer warrenty try to RMA the drive and get replacement.


This is exactly what happened to me in January. I had had it since Nov 2004 and after burning a DL dvd, it just stopped reading any kind of media and burning. It was still recognizable in bios and also I could still flash it but just stopped working. I ordered a 3550 soon afterwards and that’s been working great.

Time to move on.

Well I ordered a a new drive this morning after trying everthing else on the dead one.

Cheers guy for all the help

By the way I ordered a NEC 4570 :smiley:

Good choice :slight_smile:

Yeah, please post some scans here :slight_smile:

Maybe here:


Yeah, there, sorry :slight_smile: