Is my nec 3500 ag dying or dead?

my nec 3500 ag external is acting strangely. After a good burn, when I put in a blank dvd-r, it seems to rumble and when I attempt to burn a dvd I get a message that says there is no disc in the drive…
or the drive is not ready.

Is there a diagnostic I can perform to determine the cause of the problem and a cure?

Thanks in advance,

hmm…this is interesting. Sorry I can’t help you directly…but I just updated my firmware to 21b with bitsetting and upon reboot i got the blue screen serious error thing. I rebooted again and everything was okay, but after the good burns I get the rumbling too, but not the no disc message.

Thanks for your input.

I opened the case and jostled a bit, blew air into it to catch movre any dust, and it seems to now be working, without the flutter.

I am wondering if excessive heat may be causing the problem, as I had last night just burned a dvd and was ready to burn another copy and boom, it began to flutter and not read then disc. It was almost 90 degrees in my place, as we had a surprise heat wave.

I tried other discs, blank and full, and to no avail.

It is morning here and cooler and the burner can read the disc. Will attempt to burn after I send this, but I think for now the issue may be resolved.

Can the cause be heat?



It can be the heat or dust or dirt on the optic eye or dry axle of the optic eye grease it a litlle bit :slight_smile:
Why do you use a extern burner, is the intern not good?
I have a Hp dv4205ea and the first one was the intern burner bad, bud the second one is oke.
Panasonic UJ-840

“It can be the heat or dust or dirt on the optic eye or dry axle of the optic eye grease it a litlle bit”

How do I get to clean the optic portion? I simply blew from my mouth some air into the case…
Though I do have a can or ‘air’ which I may spray into the case now that I think of it.

Why so hot?, I live on a small hot Mediterranean island and we were hit with a heat wave of with outside temperatures of well over 100 degrees for a few days.

I have no A/C. Only fans. There was no breeze either. All seems cooler now too.

However, Just burned a DVD-R so all seems well once again,


You must open the case

Yes, open up the box - but be careful!

(Seen Hellraiser??)