Is my media any good

just bought a spindle of 25 sumvision 8x dvdr disks, i will be using them to store data,mainly mp3s, the bloke in the shop said they were made by ritek and were very good quality but if someone could give me a second opinion i would be gratefull. i also use traxdata 8.5 DL DVD+r for the same job any comments on the reliability on either disk would be appreciated i have an extensive collection and would hate to see it lost to bad media

No, Ritek is infamous for it’s degradation problems.

Ritek used to produce some decent media but now they just suck arse. Both discs are made by Ritek and there is a bunch of documentation on how they are inferrior and cause problems for people.

I can give you a third opinion: Ritek = :Z

Lost too much data to them in the past to ever use their DVDRs again. The bloke in that shop you went to was talking out of his arse!

Edit: Didn’t mean to sound harsh, but the memory of reburning my own mp3 collection still leaves a sour taste…:wink:

i totally disagree ritek is a decent mid priced option which i have used for a few years now and sumvision go5s are top quality dont want to get into an argument but all my early discs on go3/4/5 still scan ok

Did a quick search and it appears these are Ritek G05. Here’s one recent thread on cdf (I’m sure there are more)… G05s are not held in the highest regard… :rolleyes: …that’s for sure.

Also, I’m not looking to minimize, in any way, other folks’ issues with Ritek…but I’ve had good luck in the past with Ricoh JPNW01{001} for +RW media, Ricoh JPN R01{012) for +R media and Ricoh JPND00 for +R DL media…all sold under the Ritek name. I have to admit, I’ve never used Ritek -R, but I understand it’s crappy media. I also have to admit that I’ve been using TY -R media and Verbatim +R DL media for a while now and they are both outstanding…couldn’t be happier… :iagree:

Their +R discs are decent, but I wouldn’t trust their current -R media. I wouldn’t intentionally buy either at this point, but if you end up with their +R media it should be ok and I haven’t seen the deterioration issues like the -R G05 discs have had.

That’s good to know, as I bought some (R03) by mistake, under the Maxell brand (thought it was gonna be MAXELL002!) :slight_smile:

Check for G05 media here:
You’ll find everything from junk to good…