Is my MCC003 bad?



I am using the same batch of MCC003@8x

I think the quality is not bad, but it seems the result is somewhat fluctuating.

Does anyone get similar experience?
Is my batch not good?


More scan




I’d say your scans look fine. Safe to always assume there will be some media variability, so I wouldn’t think your fluctuations are highly out of the ordinary. Other contributing factors are the usual quality and consistency of power from your power supply, background apps running, harddisk fragmentation state, cpu/ram resources being used, system/drive/media temperatures, etc.

If you’re ‘comparing’ your scans to others posted, just keep in mind most scans posted here are ‘best case’ or ‘better case’ representations of their burns. That’s a generalization mind you. :slight_smile:


they look ok to me. The jitter on the first disc is pretty high though, should be under 12 max.


Yo A-

If you keep burning test discs - you’ll soon be out of the cakebox and your problems should be over-eh!

btw - those are not bad looking scans IMO



Thanks folk!

Maybe the only way to get better scan is using TY’s DVDR.

So did anyone try MCC003 @ 12x?

One more questions, how jitter affects the quality of the disc? I have no idea what it is as I was a Liteon lover before.


Yes, Abalone, although there does appear to be some variation in your batch of MCC003, it is not significant in my view. My only burn so far with MCC003 on a BenQ1640 yielded about a 750 PIF total, and that was a great improvement over the 1.300-1.750 PIF totals I was getting with my Plextor 716a.

I would consider a “significant variation” as something like 200 total PIF one burn and something like 2.500 the next. The fact all your burns are <1000 total PIF means you have a good batch of MCC003 overall, and certainly have nothing to worry about. :wink:


Yo A-

Think that you will find that true Taiyo Yuden will outperform the MCC 003 any time-IMO



those are good scans!!..


If you are looking for the better TY on a BenQ, I would suggest the YUDEN000 T02 (8X +R).

On some burners I can get better scans on MCC 003 at 6X, however yours above are just fine.


Once you try YUDEN000 T02 (8X DVD+R) media, you’ll never go back.


Yeah, but it is difficult to get YUDEN in my country. Fuji media is so rare and is quite expensive.

MCC003 is selling around US$0.34@ in a 50-piece cakebox package.
Not sure if it is a good price.


I tried 2x before but the quality drops (ave PIF ~0.1?). Can BenQ supports 6x burn?


It can on some media. Use CDSpeed from nero and look at the disc info tab and it will tell you what speed is supported for individual media.


Actually no - the BenQ does not support 6x on MCC 003.

available speeds 2.4x, 4x, 8x, (12x, 16x)

( ) with overspeeding on


Overall those discs are fine. Personally I’m used to lower jitter rates, for ex. on InfomeR20 I’m in the 7% range, and on TY02 8% range (average, that is).

Here is a good writeup on jitter:


what is your country? i might know some good online stores


I posted a MCC 003 scan in this thread:


Thanks for your information.

Hong Kong

:bow: Excellent Scan! Would you post a picture of the disc. That’s what I am looking for :slight_smile: .