Is my LTR-40125S faulty?

Hello everyone, it’s my first post here :slight_smile:

Could someone with experience in using kprobe could have a look at two screenshots, and tell me whether what i’m getting is normal ??? :confused:

I think that my cdrw drive is faulty (notice high c2 spike - it occurs on all type of media, on all different speeds - i tried 4x, 8x, 16x, 24x, 32x, and 40x, pretty much it’s always there). discs burned on other drives dont have that spike.

As well a question - in big kprobe thread there are explanatinos on P0 and PI error analysis, but my kprobe displays works with c1 and c2 errors :confused:

Thanks in advance.

Never ever base your drive’s condition on a KProbe scan.

If I remember correctly this was an issue of 125x series in fact my 40125W and also the 48125W have this so called ‘speed bump’ that occours everytime the speed go over 40x. Set the reading speed to 40x in Kprobe and you’ll never get spikes.
Of course you’ll notice it even in nero cdspeed at the same point as a drop in transfer rate and RPM too.

what would be a good way of testing the drive condition and overall burn quality ???

great, i’ll try that.

is there any way of reducing the read speed if the drive for all applications ???

I have a 40125S and i’m having problems. I’m burning Audio CDs (Memorex High-Speed CD-RWs) with Nero from 8x-12x. I tried to play them in a Panasonic SLX469V Cd player, but they don’t read that well. I tried lowering the speed to see if it was having writing problems. Still, it won’t read them. I tried cleaning the disks carefully and the lens. I also tried to use Windows Media Player 9 series to burn them. How can I solve this problem?

There’s no reason to reduce read speed, anyway you can try Nero DriveSpeed.


You’ve to know that HS-CDRW is difficult media to read for stand-alone players, try to use writable-once media (CDR not CDRW).


If you’re trying to use CD-RW media, your odds of success are worse than with CD-R. CD-RW discs simply won’t play on most CD players.