Is my Liteon dying? Strange Problem



I have a Liteon 32123S purchased about a month ago.
I am using firmare XS0U. I have never notice a problem until now.

It seems the 24x zone is writing very badly.

I have got this result using 2 different brands of media.

The first which I blamed as just being CMC Imation 32x
Disc Type, Material = CD-R, Phthalocyanine
ATIP Lead-in = 97m 26s 66f
Norminal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f)
Disc Manufacturer maybe = CMC,Imation
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 32X

The second which leads me to belive its the drive Fugi by T.Y.
Disc Type, Material = CD-R, Cyanine
ATIP Lead-in = 97m 24s 01f
Norminal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 73f)
Disc Manufacturer maybe = Taiyoyuden,Tuned-X
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 32X

Now all the files could be read without errors but slowdowns a plenty.

These screen captures say it best.
What do you think is it time to RMA this thing?

I never seen it with the XS0R firmware but since upgrading I have not had any CDR that would burn faster than 16x until tonight.


My LTR-32123S XS0U do not have these problems.

I guess I would have RMA’ed it.

Include the pics when you send it back, or else you’ll probably just get it back again.


And it gets even weirder…

I will probably send it back but just because I am the type that can’t just let things be I used OC-Freak’s cool tutorial and downgraded back to XS0R and then reburned the same ISO on the same batch of discs, bothe the CMC’s and the TY’s.
Sure enough, the problem is gone.

The disc that were bad in the last pictures are still bad in the liteon and a Toshiba DVD, However the new burns are perfect in both drives.

I am curious if I have a bad drive would it not be bad regardless or the firmware I am using? That would be my logic.

Should I hold on to the drive and see if the next firmware Liteon releases does this? Or could I simply have had a bad flash when upgrading to XS0U?

Was there even anything in the new firmware I needed?
I am one who upgrades just because I can, maybe I should change my ways.

Heres’s the results of the downgrade just so nobody thinks I’m nuts.


If the drive was bad, then it should have been bad all the time. Regardless of firmware version.

I just tried with Imation(CMC) 24X and TDK(TY Tuned-X) 24X with my LTR-32123S to be sure. Result:

TDK: Fully readable, no damaged sectors.

Imation: Fully readable but a few damaged sectors at the end of the disc.

What about trying to ugrade to XS0U again and do another test?

XS0U should give better media compatibility, but in your case the opposite seems to have happened.


If the drive was bad, then it should have been bad all the time. Regardless of firmware version.

My thoughts exactly. It just does not make sense.

What about trying to ugrade to XS0U again and do another test?

I was thinking the same thing, I have racked my brain enough on this tonight, But when I get up I will re-download the new firmware and upgrade again.

I will burn some more discs and we’ll see if it does it again, or if something when wrong the first time I flashed.

Thanks for your replies.


I flashed from DOS back to XS0U,
After test burns using CMC, (I ruined enough Taiyo Yuden last night) I am glad to say everything is as it should be.

The scans showed no errors or slow downs.

My best guess is that something went wrong during the initial upgrade to XS0U.
I still find it odd that it only affected the 24x zone but I guess I’ll never know why.

I do know when the next firmware that comes out I will not be flashing from Windows, I guess to much can go wrong.

Thank OC for you collection of .bin firmwares they saved me from returing my drive.

I am sending you the XS0R.bin to add to your collection.