Is my liteon cdrw going bad



I have a liteon 52/24/52 cdrw drive that sometimes seems to have a vibration noise when reading only certain cds or or installing software from certain cds Also it seems noisy as the disk stop spinning (not a gradual stop but a sudden stop). I am not any getting drive errors and it burns cdr-cdrw okay and I am not getting noise with cdrs that I burnt. Is my drive going bad. Drive 1.5ys old burnt about 55 cdrs on it.

Also how good it the new 5238s 52/32/52 cdrw drive. Is this the best cdrw on the market or there better ones.


It’s probably because of CD media you used. Try some good media like Verbatim, Traxdata etc. If disc (CD) is not balanced well you can hear some sounds that are not usual.

Recomandation: Do not use bad media, it can break inside and can damage the drive.