Is my LiteOn 851S dead?


My DVD recorder cannot burn DVDs. I have a splash sreen that it inform me about the failure. Moreover I cannot simulate before to burn a DVD. It is the same thing with a CD RW. Also I cannot format a CD RW. :confused:

I canโ€™t explain this. I have just updated my firmware (851S to 832S and 832S to 851S) and change the RPC from 1 to 2. :rolleyes:

If somebody have an idea to rebuild it, I take. :bow:

Bye :slight_smile:

download the eeprom util and reset the learnt media:

update your firmware:

disable RPC work with this:

Your recommandations donโ€™t work. :rolleyes:
I can just read DVD and CD but not burn. :sad:

Thanks :slight_smile:

If someboby have an idea, I will be very happy. :sad:

Post the error message that you get and also post the text output of nero infotool as text file attachment.

I have done it.

Thanks :wink: :bow:

Deinstall INCD. If this does not help, disconnect your LG CDRom drive.
Is your burner connected to the on board IDE interface as it should or to a PCI IDE controller ?
Also you have a lot of harddrives. It could help to disconnect all but your boot disk from the power for a test to see if your power supply is too weak.

I have done it but it doesnโ€™t work yet.