Is my liteon 40125s dead? HELP!

well i dont know whats happend to my drive…i got a 40125s…not overclocked…ok after i tried to play battlefield 1942 just went silly…i installed battlefield played it ok the first time…then after a while lots of hours of internet surfing and stuff…dinner included…i wanted to play battlefield again…so i put in the cd and it starts reading then its starts accelerating…and just as it starts it suddenly stops…the light blinks for a bit longer and thats it…the cd is not recognised in the windows explorer…nothing…tried it with other cds…the same story…anyone have any ideas what happened and how to fix it???

It sounds like the motor has given up. :confused: Either that or the laser/lens unit.

One way to check is to put in a CD with the label the right way up, i.e. so you know what direction the CD is. Load the CD, leave it a moment and eject it. If the CD didn’t turn at all (same way you left it in), then the motor has fused or is not receiving power. If the CD had turned, then the lens or laser unit is not functioning correctly.

Either way, if your drive is under 12 months old then it’s still under warrenty. Get it replaced :slight_smile:

turns out that my drive is dead and now im stuck with no drive at all. and the store i bought it at wont give a replacement…so im gonna have to wait for two weeks, if im lucky, to get my drive back…damn those pricks :a