Is my Liteon 24102B Dieing or just tempramental?

Bought a liteon 24102B about 5 months ago. Has the latest firmware off the Liteon site.

My problem is this…
Sometimes when i turn my comp on the light on the drive stays GREEN and doesn’t flash or anything, just stays on and the drive cannot be ejected and it slows everything else down in windows and windows does not even detect it.

At first i thought i might be the PSU cos its only about a 275watt, but even with everything but my HDD and Liteon connected the LED still shines green and doesn’t do anything!!

After messing about swapping cables and different combinations of connected drives it finally starts working again… but this is shear luck i think!!.

Has anyone ever come across this problem? If so how did you fix it or is my drive on the way out?? :frowning:



It happens to me too.
with LTR-16102b I look for help almost every where…
in fact i found this forum in the search!

I manage to Cure :cool: , how:

Green led always on = fail to initiate at boot
it should end that the lite on will not detected by bios

the cure (for me):
No Printer… unplug those lpt, then unplug power cord
detach/pull ot liteon for c.a 30 minutes…

Re attach liteon, plug the power cord and…
WITHOUT anything on LPT Port push the power on…
the pc boot, liteon flashing and led goes out…

Detecting LITEON LTR-16102B....

then you succeed

cause of problem:
when you turn off pc on atx supply there is ca 500mA power stdby
on your MB so you should unplug the power to fix.

After successful boot i plug the lpt back even i shutdown as long as the powercord remain plugged it will detect

in short: do not boot from unplugged power cord while lpt connected to printer

in your case the ‘lpt port’ may vary… usb, serial port???

the LTR-40125s @ 48125W-vs02 does not affected by this bug

Notify me if you succeed:)

Thanks alot lombok ijo, i think you helped me get that sorted :slight_smile:

Heres how i sorted it if anyone needs to know…

I unplugged the power supply and left it over night, went back to it in morning, plugged power back in, and since i dont have any printers, all i had was a USB card reader so i unplugged that and switched the baby back on, voila!!! Green led flashing :slight_smile:
Powered down again and plugged USB back in and turned on again… still flashing!!! HOORAY :slight_smile:

Thanks alot :wink:

Thanx for the info, I’ve had this problem for a while now, I always thought it was my IDE cable because when I took the writer out and messed around with the cabling it somehow worked, on this last occasion, couldn’t get it working, decided to search the forums for this problem, and this is where I ended up. So a great big thanx for helping me with this, you’ve saved me some money