Is my LITEON 24101A broken?

I recently purchased a LXR-24101A and have burned about 3 data CDs using Nero all with no problems.

Today, I tried to burn some data files onto a CD and for some reason it wouldn’t burn. It stopped halfway and said “burned failure” Immediately, I thought it was a defective blank CD. So I tried another one. This time, it wouldn’t recognize any CDR I use - regardless of whether it is blank or a multisession CD. It doesn’t seem to read any data and it fails to recognize that there’s a CD in the drive. It keeps prompting me to insert a CDR to begin the burn process.

The burner powers up normally, the computer recognizes the external burner and the ejection works when I click on “discard” through Nero. It’s just not reading any media. And it won’t let me attempt the burn process because it keeps prompting me to insert a blank CDR. Oh yeah, before, whenever I inserted a CD inside, (blank or normal CD), a windows screen would pop up
asking what action I wanted to do next…now it doesn’t pop up anymore, like there’s no CD in the drive (even though there is one)

I tried flashing to the latest software. No good. I don’t know what else to do. Please help. I’ve only had this burner for less than 2 weeks. Is it broken?

To recap, the burner worked fine up until today. In the process of burning a data CD, it quit halfway and since then, it has been ejecting any type of CDR I try and it doesn’t recognize any CDs I put in.

are you by any chance using windows XP?

Yes I am using WinXP.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I was trying to install a WinXP service pak I downloaded from Windows website to update my computer. I didn’t go through the install though…I cancelled it half way. The install was unsuccessful. I’m unsure if it did anything to the computer at all. Today, I finished the install and the burner still doesn’t work.

What is frustrating is that it worked fine before…then today, it just quit on me.

I just had the same thing happen, am beginning to think the drive is broke , unless some one knows something we dont

JoeSoap, did you install any new system software to cause the problem?

I’m trying to figure out if my problem is because I installed Win XP service pak 1 or if it is defective. Like I said, it was working fine for a while and then it suddenly stopped wanting to recognzie ANY cd in the drive.

I don’t know where else to look for help. My only other option would be to return it back to Dell where I bought it from (but it would mean losing $ on return shipping.

No, nothing new installed. Flashed with different firmares after happened, and back to original still no cdr recognised. If i leave an original (pressed) cd in the drive, occasionally it will be there when i reboot, if i try to read it, will get so far then just disappear again.
PS i have dual boot xp/98se and its same in both, so dont think its the OS

This is disappointing. Is it the OS though? The box says it is XP compatible and again, it worked fine before until now.

BTW, I’m leaning more towards that mine is a defect. I tried installing it onto my friend’s laptop and the same thing happened. It didn’t read any CD. She also has XP, but it seems that there’s a mechanical defect in the drive?

:frowning: looks like we have to send em back. Think if there was a solution some one would have replied by now

Fooman’s problem may be a defective burner but I have heard from several people who have usb burners that after installing XP SP1 their burners didnt work anymore. and didnt work even if they uninstalled SP1.

my brother uses a HP usb burner after installing SP1 it didnt work anymore after reformating the drive and leaving out SP1 it works fine again.