Is my Lite-on LTR-32123S dying?

I have two LTR-32123S drives and two computers(one with XP and one with 98se) and one of drives is starting to have trouble reading CD’s. It doesn’t matter if it’s a burnt CD or pressed CD. I had it in my winXP Computer and if i put a CD in it would sometimes say it was blank. If I reboot a few times it sometimes would start reading. So then I took it out and put it in my win98 computer and it does the same thing. Then I took the other drive out of the win98 computer and put in the XP computer and reads just fine. It seems to burn just fine and sometime it will read the CD and sometimes it won’t. It just started doing this in the last week. I’m lost as one drive works just fine on both systems and one has trouble reading on both systems. Both drive have same firmware (XS0K) and have tried XS0F, XS0K,XS0R, and XS0U. Also sometimes if I use CD Speed and do a surface scan. It will show all kinds of errors but if I check the same CD with the other drive or one of my DVD drives there are no errors.
Thanks Jim

Sounds like you’ve isolated it to a drive problem. Have you tried one of those lens cleaning kits? Might be worth a shot before you toss the drive. Does it still burn OK?

No I haven’t tried a cleaning kit yet. The drive it is only about 2 months old. I just burnt 5 CD’s with it. Seems to be burning just fine. It just will not read them after I burn them, but all my other drives read them just fine.