Is my LG GSA4167B defect?

I think something wrong with my DVD drive, it has burning problem. Sometimes it have bad burn/copy, files verification almost 2hours with certain media. Even using it’s own media LG DVD+R (media ID is Infodisc2.0) has error cycle redundant

I need advise on my LG DVD, do you think it’s okay ?

why it has high both PI & PO error ?

The attachment test with Verbatim DVD-R with 16X burn, the media ID was MMC 03RG20. Media test with ASUS DVD 619

result compared to

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Don’t blame your burner: the most probable cause of your bad results is the bad media that you use. Try to use verbatim discs or taiyo yuden and you’ll see better results.

Hi Encore. There may be a problem with your drive and there may be a problem with your media but there is definitley a problem with your methodology. You cant compare scans done on two different drives. The liteon drive used in your “for comparison” scan is a good scanner but unfortunately a lot of DVD-ROM and combo drives give virtually useless scanning results. Personally I don’t know whether the “ASUS DVD 619” can scan properly or not, but it’s something you need to consider.

Now the cdspeed transfer rate curve looks perfect so I cant see that there is any problem with that disc. As I said above I don’t trust the PI/PIF scans unless I know they have been done on a drive which I’m certain is a relaible scanner.

Now the “2 hour verifies” and crc failures are a different issue. State what media and under what conditions these occurred. Did any of this stuff happen with the dics whos scans are shown, I doubt it, with the perfect cdspeed transfer rate test you should have had no troubles at all.

I second this. It could be that the discs are defective. Don’t be surprised that LG branded media does not work properly with an LG writer. It has happened before. There was a case of someone who had some LG 8x DVD+R (prodisc) which would not burn at all with the LG GSA-4163B.

Besides, INFODISCR20 is hardly what people would think of as good quality media.

look, this is the same media & same drive, just the media id won’t display properly,

geno, uart & karangguni

thank you kindly for ya advise :bow:

But the images you’re comparing are tested on different devices as already stated so the comparisons are invalid. Not all of my DVD-ROM devices will pick up the media ID, I guess that this is just a function that some don’t have.

If I scan a DVD on my Benq burner I get an excellent result, If I scan on my Liteon DVD-ROM the results indicate an very poor burn & the Liteon is probably one of the better DVD-ROM devices for scanning.

You can only do valid scans on burners & then only certain ones.

Just to indicate what I mean here are 2 scans of the same DVD done today. One is on a burner (Benw 1620) & the other on a DVD-ROM (Liteon SOH-167T). I think this proves that DVD-ROMs can’t scan properly.

Bad burns can be caused by a bad installation of windows/nero (rare but can happen) Have you tried a new IDE cable, also what spec (wattage) is your power supply and what make as a poor PSU can cause havoc too. But from what i can tell your discs look to be of poor quality. The mediacode doesnt seem to identify correctly which is strange.