Is my LG-5120D Toast!?



I purchased this lovely drive about 6 months ago. It has never really worked well. I have managed to burn only one DVD on it (home movie made on Pinnacle). When playing DVDs it would freeze repeatedly. Playing CDs was also difficult, it would also freeze on songs, and then you would have to quit the application playing the song.
I recently wanted to use its high speed to rip songs for i-tunes, same problem. I looked for a driver to re-install, but it did not come with a driver, only a CD with other applications (nero In-Cd etc) .I then ‘cleverly’ decided to update the firmware to A303 (from 302), now its worse. Sometimes it is not seen by my computer. On start up and shut down of my HD there are freezes. I have managed to get it to paly a CD once. Only one song and it freezes. Then it will not even spin up and read another CD.
Questions are;

  1. How do I go back to old firmware, is this possible, will it help at all.
  2. What was causing the original problem?
  3. Should I return it, IS IT TOASTED?

Windows XP
HD 120GB
Pentium 4 2.4GHz
LG Drive hooked to IEEE 1394 SBP2


Are you sure you have a GSA-5120D, A303 sounds more like a GSA-5160D?

It might be feasible to back flash, not sure if LG’s flashers will permit this, you’d have to try to find out.

Shouldn’t need drivers, should be a standard mass storage device. Drivers would relate to USB or IEEE-1394 controllers on the PC itself.

Problems could relate to the IEEE-1394 implementation/drivers. Also check that the power is provided to the unit, and that it is not using bus power (ie drawing from the 1394 cable). The problems described do not appear to be firmware related, nor be resolvable with firmware.

Try using the USB 2.0 connectivity, better suited to ATAPI peripherals.

Brother Vlad


Yeah Vlad, It is a 5160D duhhh how could I make that mistake.?


Thanks Vlad, the USB 2 seem to work OK, no problems so far. I never tried it cause I thought the transfer rate would be too slow. It seem much better now Strange how such a simple thing can solve all the problems.