Is My LG 4167B Drive Dead?

My GSA-4167B stopped recognising any discs all of a sudden. I used it to watch a pressed DVD-Video disk and then when I tried to put another in not long after, it said there was no disc in the drive. I have since been unable to watch any DVD-Video discs, burn a CD-R (because it said there was no disc) and the same occurs with DVD+R’s, (no disc or drive not ready). Simply put, it doesn’t recognise any discs.

I can’t think of any reason why this drive that has been working perfectly for months would all of a sudden stop. No changes have been made to software or hardware to cause the problem either. Nothing unusual occured beforehand and no changes were made to the firmware (DL13) or the motherboard BIOS either to cause this issue. The drive is a master on its own PATA channel.

I also have another possibly related problem with my Pioneer DVR-111D which still works fine for reading, ripping and burning but steadfastly refuses as it has from the time I installed it to play DVD-Video discs. It recognises them all right but when I try to play them it tries to load them then stops all of a sudden, of course that could be PowerDVD’s problem.

If anyone knows a reason for these issues and can help fix them it would be appreciated.

Quite odd. About the only thing I can suggest is that you try the drive (4167B) on another system and see if it works there. If not, the driver has gone defective and it’s RMA time. If it does work, then it is something to do with your current system. There are a lot of possible causes for that.

I tried it in another computer and the same thing happened, it wouldn’t read any discs, so it looks like it is dead after all. Weird huh!

Oh well, time for a warranty replacement.

some lg are dead before someone buy them:):slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it sounds like a dead drive to me too. At least it is still under warranty.