Is my laptop fast enough to burn DVDs?

Im considering buying a external DVD-cabinet (Zynet CD-R3) with a NEC 3520. The interface is FW/USB2.0

My hardware:
Dell Latitude X200
P3 Ultra Low Voltage 933MHz
30GB 4200RPM HD
256MB SD-RAM 133MHz
I have one 6-pins firewireport that im going to use with the NEC
The machine is just defragmented and i believe it is free from spyware.

Is my machine capable of burning DVDs with this setup? How fast can I expect to burn? (If I don’t multi-task and focus all the power on iex Nero)

Any thoughts?

Thanks guys

Hmm, i would have thought your system is capable of reaching the drives max speed aslong as you dont multi task etc, i would expect atleast 8x and if that enclosure and that slowish hard drive can keep up which i dont see why it shouldnt you may hit 16x.