Is my Hard Drive pooched?

I have a Dell Latitude D630 and the hard drive went on it the other day.
I pulled it out and used a startech docking station with it but it never found it.
The drive I think is cooked. I am wondering if there is a way to get the data off it or am I out of luck.

Now the background of this laptop is this… it has been on and downloading steadily for easily over 10 full years. It might have been shut off maybe 20 times total out of all those years. It is on dialup and I look at my downloads (bittorrents - using utorrent — yea yea yea I know what you are gonna say LOL) and add to it every day…
This is the original dialup I got way back when like early 90s. This is not my original laptop.

I want to get the data off it. If anyone knows a way that I can do it, I will be mighty appreciative!

A professional data recovery company should be able to recover the data.

You would need an identical working HDD.
First. Swap the controller PCB from the good drive to the one that isn’t working and try it.
Second. Swap the HDD platters from the faulty drive to the good drive after swapping the controller PCB back.
This has to be done in a very clean room, as any dust getting onto the platters will damage the platters.
Chances of success of the second method is minimal.

If you really want the data. call in a professional.

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I don’t think I could do it myself and I won’t pay a company.

I appreciate your help Dee, very much.
I guess I’m screwed for my goodies.