Is my DW1655 faulty?

Hello all,

I’ve been having a few problems with my Benq dvd writer in my Akasa external housing…
At first everything was fine…cd’s and dvd’s read and burnt properly…then a few days went by and dvd’s would start to burn and then hang…then they would get half way and hang…

Now the drive will not read, rip or burn a dvd…it’s ok when playing cd’s, although in ‘My Computer’ the same drive and contents appears twice, even better with a dvd it appeared that I had 4 dvd drives with the same disc inserted???

What is happening, am I going crazy, is the drive faulty or is the housing giving up on me??? :a

I’ve ordered an external housing with the Prolific chipset but am wondering now if it was the drive all along and have I wasted even more money…it may have been cheaper to have binned the Benq first of all.

Wish I’d stuck with my Plextor now :sad:

well, in order to find out whether it’s the drive or casing, have you attached the drive DIRECTLY to the computer via IDE cable?

having a plextor doesn’t mean you are out of trouble ;). just read the complaints on the board lol.


Sadly, only having a laptop I haven’t got the option of attaching it directly via IDE, so have opted for the expensive option of buying a external housing with Prolific chipset that should prove which it is.

After posting my first messeage, the drive burnt a dvd fine, scanned it, with a very good result and then when I tried to rip it back as a test using DVD decrypter it got to 80% and just stopped responding. :a

In heinsight I should have paid a little more and opted for the external Benq model instead…may have been cheaper in the long run.

Cheers :smiley:

Do you know anyone with a desk top? If so you could ask them if they would let you test the drive in their computer.

Hi :slight_smile:
Not sure when, but an external version of 1655 is in the pipeline. This means that it’s likely external f/w will be available. Doesn’t help in the short term. Would I be right in assuming your current connection is USB. Because the problems you’ve got sure imply this. If this is the case, then I hope your new caddy gives you the firewire option.

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I wouldn’t count on that.

Why? In a few weeks BenQ ODD and Lite-On ODD will be one. Looking at current drive models lineup from BenQ and Lite-On I’m sure we’ll see a reduction in models. (Don’t know what will happen with Panasonic based drives, but Philips has already handed ower it’s SB technology to Lite-On.)
Note also, Lite-On has “own” external drives solutions that will fill the market needs quite well.

My 0,02$

thanks all :clap:

My connection is via USB, hope that’s the problem than plus my current external and not the drive itself.

My new one will have firewire and the Prolific chipset so (fingers crossed) all will be well by mid week.