Is my DW-Q520A really *edit*? Please HELP a newbie!


I have a Sony Vaio FS195XP and did a firmware update for my DVD drive.

However, I installed a D56A firmware on my DW-Q520A burner which caused a big problem.

I thought I had a D56A cause it said it was one in Windows.

Whenever I started my computer, the screen just said: “Operating system not found”

Today at the shop they took out the DVD drive and the computer worked again but they said that the Q520A burner is broken now.

Is that true?

Can’t I just install the correct firmware on it now?

Please help me

Jess xx :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

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Your drive should be fine again after flashing back the original firmware. The problem you have to solve now is to make the drive accessable. Probably your harddisk and DVD drive are connected to the same IDE bus and collide now.
Did you make a firmware backup before you flashed the D56 firmware ?
Can you install the drive in another notebook to check it it is accessable there ? That would make flashing quite easy.
In case you have no access to other notebook models, try if you can boot from a bootable CD after disconnecting the hard disk. You could also try to boot from a floppy disk or USB stick and check if the drive is available. That would allow to use a DOS flasher or Bart’s PE boot disk to fix the drive.

Jessica, also pleased read our rules about using bad language on this forum. Thread title edited. :cop: