Is my DVR-103 dead?



I got a free Compaq DVR-103(MA) from work. It had firmware 1.55, so i upgraded to 1.90. According to DVDINFOPro it is working as it should. But if I insert a CD it can’t read them. I see a green flashing light and it makes some noises. After a while it starts flashing a yellow light.
Is this a firmware issue, or is the drive beyond salvation?
I didn’t test it with firmware 1.55, but it behaves like this with Compaq’s 1.44 or 1.90 firmwares. I’ve tried to flash it with several (hacked and official) universal firmwares, but the updater says it can’t set the drive to normal mode after the flashing is complete. Only Compaq’s firmwares seem to work.


i get the exact same problem with my pioneer dvr-a03 when i try to read any kind of media… green light flashing, noises, yellow light flashing, and that’s it… i have the lattest firmware (2.0)… getting tired of this problem… :S


I had the same problem. Remove the top of the burner and clean the lens with a cotton swap & alcohol. My lens was very dusty.


Hi! Just cleaning the lens your drive restarts to work properly?
I cleaned my drive, include the lens and its not working yet…