Is My DVD+RW Disk Unusable?

When I insert a certain Maxwell DVD+RW disk (nearly new and a disk I’ve successfully used several times before) into my Panasonic DMR-ES15 DVD recorder I get the message “This disk is not formatted properly. Do you want to format the disk in DVD Management?” So, I check “yes and yes and start”, formatting seems to proceed normally and about a minute later I get the message “Formatting complete”. However, if I try to record on the disk I still get the message “This disk is not formatted properly.” Could I have inadvertently done something to this disk in my recorder that now makes it unusable?

Any chance you can try it in a PC? Maxell don’t make the best discs, I’d only use Verbatim for RW.

I don’t have a DVD burner on my PC. I’ve not had problems with Maxell DVD+RWs before now. The only thing I ever read close to my problem is that a disk could be made unusable if you cut the power to the recorder during the process of formatting (which didn’t apply to my case, I was just reusing my disk).

My recorders have had issues with both Memorex and Maxell RW media I have had better results with Verbatim and Sony.

I only use Maxell (±RW, -R) in my ES16 and have had no such problem to date. Is it just the one disc or many others that exhibit this behavior. I recently saw a site that ranked Maxell along with Pioneer and Sony at the top in terms of reliability.