Is my DVD-ROM drive defective?

I just got a new Asus E616A DVD-ROM drive, and it can’t read a
commercial CD-ROM disc that I have. When I put in the disc, the green
light flashes for around 10 seconds and then turns off, and Windows
says “please insert a disc” when I click on the drive. But I know the
disc is fine, because it works when I put it into my 5-year old TDK CD
burner. I tried some other CD-ROM discs in the Asus drive, and it was
able to read those… it just can’t read that one disc for some
reason. Does it sound defective?

try to install the driver and update firmware

My drive has a later firmware than the Asus website does (guess they haven’t updated it with the latest yet). Also, the drive can’t even read the CD that came with it (Asus DVD software), so it must be defective.