Is my drive really dead now?



AFter buring a couple of cds with CG5g firmware, idecided to go back to the vs0b since my burns werent as good as those for the vs0b. after my first my burn i scanned it, and it was horrible too ugly to save the pic. So then i decided to go back to the CG5G but i restored my EEPRom, and when i scanned a burn with taht it was still horrible. i think my drive is busted. can someone confirm it for me.?


this looks terrible. reset learnt media and make a testburn. if it looks like this too, then go out and buy a new drive.



I cannot ever remember seeing a scan that BAD!!

Hope that you can fix the drive - Bra



it’s brah


yo bigmike, cool avatar. Right now im just experimenting with stuff right now. hopefully ill get some good scans later today. i killed about 5 ricohjpnr01 discs so far. i wanan get good scans so badly crying


The good news is that a replacement 16X drive is now close to half of what you probably paid for the 812S.


haha thats true, i saw the 1653 or something for like 53$ , but is it really worth buying a liteon. are the new liteon drives consistant in quality. i just want something that will last long.


benq dw1640 or nec nd-3540a. they are the at the moment, so choose one of them.
the liteon 1693s isn’t bad, but i wouldn’t buy it.


I would strongly recommend the NC 3520. It never needs scans. The burns are all top quality.


the 3540 is already released. should be better as it’s newer.

in germany the prices are €55 for the 3520 and €58 for the 3540.


Hopefully i got my drive back to normal now. I can only burn at 2.4x though to get decent burns. My drive seems to be a little awkward since it works better with the original liteon firmware. my first scan is t01 media burned at 2.4x with vs0g and the 2nd scan is a pressed disc. any suggestions on how i get better scans? i should be able to get better than waht i have, its t01 media after all.