Is my drive lame?48246s/ ss06

Hi everyone!!!,

I’m having trouble backing up some of my newer games(bf1942, UT2003 ect…) and I’m wondering if it’s my burner
(48246s/ ss06)?
Would an firmware upgrade be of help? I not interested in flashing my drive for speed alone, I want to be able to back up my software.
I use CloneCD
Thanx to those those that reply,
Jeff in Los Angeles,USA
PS. I searched the forums before I posted and if the answers to my questions are I’m sorry, I missed them.

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Thats odd. All (almost, so you don’t quote me and mark my misstake ;)) LiteOn’s do BF1942 no matter what firmware.
But SS06 is very old and you’ll benefit from the newest firmware in everyday operation.

Now I prefer Alcohol or Blindwrite before CloneCD, but CloneCD has recently been updated to version so you might try that one out if you want to.
You can get it at

Now are you sure you are not trying to run your game from your CD-RW without enabling “Hide CD-R media”?
If you don’t the protection will see you’re using an CD-R and won’t start. Solve this by either enabling Hide CD-R media or put your disc in a drive that cannot read ATIP (such as a DVD-ROM).