Is my cpu dead?

sorry if i am in the wrong forum but my acer aspire t180 will not get past the white screen (with green acer logo).it doesnt get to boot up at all,i bought a second hand one for the meantime,but before i throw my aspire in the bin is there anything i could do to see if it is salvageable.would be so gratefull for any help at all.(total cpu newbie! but have a good engineering background and very keen to learn about computers)once again i am sorry if my post is in the wrong forum.please help ta much.:sad:

I think it fits in the right area to ask. If your going to rescue the laptop HDD your going to have to get a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter and use a desktop to recover what you can from your HDD if it is still working. As to know the CPU is dead I don’t know about laptop process to determine that part.

  • Can you enter the bios/setup? Cpu not dead
  • Can you boot a bootable operating system like Ubuntu? Cpu not dead
  • Does the pc bleep, show activity, screen, etc? : cpu not dead.

Harddisk bad or not booting? Feed the dvd drive your Acer recovery cd/dvd and try to reinstall Windows. Warning: all data on the harddisks will be destroyed.