Is my computer too weak for a DVD writer?

is my computer too weak for a DVD writer??

P3 800



working with WIN98 SE

im attemting to bakup data and PS2 games.

Sounds fine to me.

upping the ram by 256mb would do wonders for that machine…:slight_smile:

What about my PC ? Is it adequate for a DVD-Writer ?

PIII 450Mhz
256MB Ram (100Mhz)
WD 80GB (working on ATA33 )
Toshiba 1712 DVD-Rom

Given buffer underrun technology, no PC is really too weak, but personally I wouldn’t recommend using < 350mhz with 128 RAM (256 RAM preferred), although it will be a slow process…

Plextor’s MINIMUM system requirments are

P3 800 Mhz ( 1.6 Ghz P4 or higher RECOMMENDED)
128 mb ram
800mb to 1GB hard drive space for CD to CD copying
6GB to 10GB free hard drive space for DVD Authoring.

I managed to install XP on a P100 with 64mb RAM. Ever check its minimum requirements?

Why do I bring this up, well, minimum requirements mean nothing, its what the mfg suggests for normal operating time and relaiability. (ie: it not being slow)

Ohh and… I think 800mhz for a DVD burner is ridiculous.

I would imagine plextors high system requirments stem from them not wanting to be inundated with customer support calls from people with system sepc’s lower then what they list complaining about how long it takes for them to burn a dvd.

Yes, that certainly can very well be, which is also understandable.

First of all, I’d go with the recommendation to install more RAM - lash out & get a 512Mb stick!

I can think of 2 other major issues with your system.

[li]I hope you have at least 6Gb free space on that HDD of yours - you’ll need it for image creation. If you use CloneDVD, you’ll need at least 9-10Gb free, if you choose to create ISOs. You may wish to get another HD, otherwise.[/li][li]You may want to upgrade to Win XP, as Win 98 uses FAT32 file system, which restricts individual file sizes to 4Gb - DVD images are often bigger. XP has NTFS, which doesn’t have this restriction.[/li][/ol]