Is my Compact Flash card in need of replacement?

OK, here is the best I can do to tell how it is. I tried 3 different (PNY, Simpletech, Canon) CF. The one which was my birthday gift(PNY), fails to be read by my Soyo internal 6in1 reader. As of lately my PC can’t even recognize the card. If I do a format with my digi-cam, its read fine immediately afterwards, but, after some pictures taken, a little time goes by, the card either crashes my PC or I’m told the card is not formatted and needs to be.

Two other cards I have, work fine interchangeably. How can I find out if the card is dying, or are the symptoms indicated a sign within itself? Is there anyway to reset the card somehow, any software possibly?

What if you read the card on your PC, but not with the cardreader, but with the camera itsself? Does that change anything?

If you mean via the USB cable in the camera, no I have not tried it because the software by Canon is buggy, it installs a bunch of other crap, adds advertisement icons to my desktop, and the reason for my reader is to avoid using the camera via USB because it drains the battery at an extraordinary rate.

I did some searching, turns out that PNY gives a lifetime warranty, I asked my friend to send it in for me because its their receipt as it was a bday gift for me last year. I will just replace it to make things easy.

I suggest you try reading the CF card w/ another reader. I find it peculiar why so many people buy 6in1 readers when they only use one kind of flash card.

2 reasons why your CF card can’t be read. Either you installed driver for the 6in1 reader and it corrupted, or the CF card file system was messed up during a format. Format the CF card through the digicam and try again.

Personally, I have only one reader and it’s a Compact Flash reader by SanDisk that reads only CF cards, type I & II. It’s totally plug & play on both WinXP and Mac OSX w/o any drivers. Never had a problem with either the Canon 8MB (SanDisk), Viking 128MB, and SanDisk 256MB CF card.