Is my Cendyne 24X10X40 an Aopen?

Just received my Cendyne 24X10X40 and the box has a sticker that reads “Verbatin Media Included” as well as “PC World Top 10 CDRW Drives” and it comes with Nero and has a 2MB Buffer listed under the specs. From my research I think i got an Aopen cause i’ve read “AOpen drives have 23 digits mostly numbers with three letters near the end -Sample (123D1234567890123JED1)” and my serial # is (88B52842354835152566PWP000).
– If not an Aopen, how can i find out what it is w/o opening opening the box?
– Is this an Aopen and if so, does anyone has information on it’s limititation/FW upgrade/reliablility?
Thanks for your time,