Is my CD/RW drive dead?

Hi. If the CD/RW drive for my Dell Dimension 4600 no longer spins, does that mean it is dead? It actually stopped working some time ago. Its CD/RW is a Samsung SW-248F. Years ago I think I had another drive configured inside the system – a tape drive and that has since been removed.

The drive opens, I put a CD in it, the drive closes, the light on the front of the drive blinks 2-3 times, then NOTHING – silence. On File Explorer – it shows that a drive letter exists (D) but when I click on it – nothing shows up no files, nada. I tried using Run to search for an application, but like I said nothing shows on the drive.

What I have tried:

Updated driver

Unistalled and re-installed driver several times

Unistalled and re-installed driver for IDE controller several times

Checked switches on the back and cable connections, tried using different IDE cable and different power cables

Checked that drive is shown on BIOS setup pages, even shows proper name of drive

Checked that jumper is listed as Master on back of drive.

Checked that BIOS shows it as Secondary Master

System Information :

Any suggestions on what drive to replace it with? I think that is the final test to see if it is the drive problem. I don’t have an extra computer to try sticking the drive into (not another hassle I want either).


Sounds like you tried everything already. It does sound as if it has failed. You can replace it will any any drive of the same type (IDE) that you can find.