Is my burner knackered?

I have a Lite On LDW-411S which seems very picky about DVD-R media and it won’t burn faster than 2X without major errors on parts of the disc (see scan). Even at 2X there are sometimes spikes in the PI failures always about 20% into the disc (see other scan). I also tested the discs with CD Speed and some of them gave unrecovered read error, sometimes in the same place as the failures in disc quality test, sometimes in places where the quality shows as fine. As you might have noticed, its all a bit fuzzy, it sometimes does this, it sometimes does that. Basically its just unreliable! And seems to have got worse over time. Do I just bin it?

the 411S series is well know to be a poor burner for -R media, stick with good quality +R and you should be ok however the 411S series is getting old and seems to cause more problems than its worth, so if you want good quality -R burns you may want to look around for a Pioneer 108 the 109 is still suffering from a few problems that may be settled through FW but who knows, but dont expect good -R burns with a 411S

Dont bin it just yet, maybe try here …

Ah - I’ll try some +Rs then! I would have before but they seem to be stocked less and generally more expensive here in the UK for some reason.

Since my drive doesn’t even function properly as a 411 I’m not sure how 811 firmware will help it but will give it a go if its still bad with the +R.

Thanks for replies. This forum is a fantastic resource - so much good solid info. You can learn just about everything you need by just lurking. :wink:

heres where i get my Ricoh JPN R01 from this is one of the best discs to get for your Liteon
just scroll to the bottom the traxdata 4x +r’s is what you’re looking for, they come to chesterfield market on a saturday and monday so ive never used the site but its pretty straight forward

nexus, u just dont flash with 811 firmware, u need the windflash.exe file too. It turns your drive INTO an 811 (maybe better media compatibility for ya). i converted my 401 to 811, ive never loooked back :wink:

Well, I bought some +R discs, Fuji 8X, Taiyo Yuden. According to the media guide in the liteon forum they are excellent discs for my drive. But look at the scan lol! However, the disc reads through to the end in CD Speed transfer test at average of 4.5X. And it seems to be working on my PS2, whereas the scan in my first post with the small area of errors at the start wouldn’t read properly. It seems at the moment that my scans have nothing to do with the actual readability of the discs!

Probably not a very good burner. Perhaps the quality scan is also suspect.