Is my burner infected with a virus?



i think my burner has a virus in his cache or so, because sometimes, my pc shut down.
How can I check, maybe kill it?


Don’t think thatz possible, cache is cleaned up with every powerdown of your PC. In the flash ROM is possible but not very likely. If you want to be sure, just flash your writers ROM with the official firmware from your manufacturer.



i recommend doing a complete virusscan on your HD first


Thankz, but I did a complete scan of my hd with AVP and it found a virus called
I killed it, but I am not sure, if it is all.
Can’t it be that in the cache of the burner is a virus?
How can I make a ?flash? with firmware?


don’t worry too much over it, Drogenmann. there is really no possible way that your drive is infected, because a hacker would have to write a specific virus that goes into the cache and stuff, and since not very many people own CDRW drives, it wouldn’t be worth it.

plus, if you found the virus on your system, that was probably it.


Squage, you’re right about that virus, but you aren’t right about the number of CD-(RE)writer owners. Almost 50 percent of all people living in Holland have one! That’s why Holland rulez in the warez business.

I’m back and bad as shit!


yes, well, that’s in holland. i’m in america, and they are popular, but still not very universal yet.