Is my burner dead?

Hi. I just found this site because I’m searching the internet for information on the issues I’m having with my burner. I have a laptop (Thinkpad) and a Matshita CD-RW 4x drive. Both are about 2.5 years old. Starting a few months ago, every time I try burning a CD at 4x, I get a buffer underrun error. The CD isn’t ruined, though; nothing is done to it when that happens, and I can try again after it pops out. 2x would still work fine. Now, today, I’m trying to get some audio tracks off some of my CDs, and my drive is having a really hard time getting started. I’ll put the CD in and the drive clicks into place and then doesn’t do anything, and the little light just keeps flashing. Sometimes the drive sounds like it keeps trying to find the CD, but it’s not successful. I’ve tried a few different CDs and it keeps happening, but it worked once after a few tries with one of the CDs. Is this a sign of death for my burner, or is it likely something fixable is wrong with it?

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I think you are dealing with two separate problems here.

  1. Write errors caused by “Buffer underrun” usually point at a writer that can’t get enough data deliverd on time. Make sure there is enouh memory available when burning, and check if there are (disturbing) programs running on your system.

  2. This seems to be problem with your drive’s reading capabilities. Maybe cleaning the lens would be of help…

Try enabling DMA for your CD-RW drive and for your hard drive. This may help you prevent buffer-underrun errors.

As for the disc recognition problem, cleaning the lens sounds like a good first step.

Thanks, guys! I got out a Q-Tip and some isopropyl alcohol and gave the lens a careful little scrub, and now it works great. It did look a bit grungy, and the rest of the tray was pretty nasty looking also. It seems to have solved the buffer underrun problem too; at least something did, because I was able to burn a CD at 4x. Thank you so much for the advice. :slight_smile:

Great! I’m glad to hear that everything’s working right.